Love Fool Title

Another title 😀 Love is in the Air!! Again 😀

Got up early on Sunday and spent some time wandering around doing some of the event achievements, only to find I couldn’t figure out how to get charms…apparently 75% of Azeroth was having the same problem.

Until I read an ingenious suggestion of going into Ulduar and smashing through dwarves in there for the charms and boy was that lucrative. Many many charms to be had and constant stream of dwarves made for awesomeness. 

I managed to get enough bracelets to do all of my achievements yesterday so I am now ! Too many titles now to keep count of!!

But YAY!! I am on my way to the pink dragon…and let me say – I would have done all these achievements last year had I paid attention t how awesome the dragon looks!!! I am so jealous of the people flying around on them :/ heheeh

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