you spin me right round baby

Was playing on the laptop tonight and i seem to have burnt my wrist from the heat. I have a scorch mark where is was laying on the computer. Bloody hurts actually, it is all bubbled and red.

Spent the night sorting out all my toons, getting bags and selling things etc, was nice to just get some stuff done that I have been meaning to do.

I didn’t get to raid tonight due to my pc, I don’t want to take a raider spot when my pc cant handle it. It isnt fair to the raid or others in the guild. Kind of a mute point though since I told the officers to demote me since i would not be raiding anymore, but they refused to demote me….so i figure this lack of raiding may lose me a raid position, but in the end i have no choice in the matter i have to wait to get my new pc, which should be in about 3 weeks if all goes to plan. Let’s hope it all goes to plan hey?

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