enough is enough

We have more people out of action in the guild, I am not entirely sure where this will leave us. I am having to recruit now in the hopes of getting some people in..fingers crossed. But it is just making so much harder to get through anything when people keep pulling out of raiding.

I know we keep say real life is more important, and to a degre it is, but surely playing this game in an environment where other people are depending on you is just as important? Perhaps that is my selfish side coming out.

But spending so much time on getting people into the guild and having to shuffle things around, work out what we can and can’t raid, even deciding if we have the group to raid when some people don’t understand we aren’t in a guild with ensidia. We have people that aren’t brilliant and need back up and we can’t just waltz in with less than our best raiding group and hope to down content. It isn’t as easy as that.

I am frustrated. I am really frustrated with real life at the moment.

By Dragonray Posted in Guild

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